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Safety Reminder Break Pack
Safety Reminder Break Pack

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Item#: PC00094-Safety Reminder Break Pack

Give your staff a "safety break" with this popular set of items.

The durable, nylon "Never Take a Break From Safety" lunch cooler is insulated, watertight, and is the perfect size to carry all the lunchtime essentials (or a six-pack). It's not only lightweight and portable enough to tote daily lunches, but it's also tough and roomy enough to load it up for a sporting event or picnic.

The "Stay in Tune to Safety" Scanning Radio Flashlight is so lightweight, your employees won't even know they're carrying it. Portable enough to fit in any size pocket, it can carry your safety message for you no matter where they go. It even scans through the FM band and automatically tunes in to every station. It also comes in handy as a mini flashlight.

The "Never Take a Break From Safety" travel mug is made of high-impact plastic and is made to fit your car's cup holder. With its safety sip-top and full size handle, this insulated mug keeps 16 ounces of any beverage from spilling or dripping. It's perfect for keeping a strong safety message in front of your employees while they are on their way to work.

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Purchase Items Individually:
Travel Mug
Cooler Pack
Radio and Flashlight


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